Clouds Over Longbeach

Sometimes you have to remove large portions of a reference photo to create the painting you really want.
I think this photo was taken in Longbeach, WA, but that may not be correct....please let me know if you recognize this view.  Anyway, I loved the warm clouds and the feeling that I could see for miles.

Here is the charcoal drawing on La Carte pastel board.

A light block in of the sky and sand masses.  The brightly reflective stream in the foreground will be the focal point of the painting.

Blocking in the darkest values that I see in the clouds. 

Restating some of the darker warm colors in the clouds (they were too light initially)

Adding details to the distant hills, stream, and grass on the shore.

The completed painting is 12" x 18"  As always, the photograph just doesn't do it justice...I may need to re-photograph this painting in muted daylight.  
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