Painting children

I think the name of this little girl is Alma, she was dancing and singing and jumping around at our gardens a week ago and I finally got her to pose for a few photos.  If you click on the photo and zoom in on her face and hair you will see that I used colored pencils to add the finishing touches to her hair and face.  This is because the 300# rough watercolor paper began to look mottled and bruised after a dozen or so glazes.  I will paint the next portraits on 140# paper as suggested by Paul McCormack.

There are a couple more details that I want to work on with this portrait, but it's nearly there.  I did take a few photos in the early stages, but I can't find the photos in my enormous Picasa files....if I do, I will share them later.
I am going to try repainting the portrait of my neice Keira soon, since I feel I will be able to do a much better job now that I understand more about how to mix colors for skin, especially the delicate skin of children.  Keira has the very fair skin of a redhead and the most gorgeous ice blue eyes so the nuances will have to be subtle!
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