Fall colors reflected

This is the first wash with some of my reference photos on the gatorboard.  Just blocking in the initial shapes here and trying VERY hard not to put in any detail.  Also, I am trying to merge shapes where possible and reminding myself that there will need to be lost edges.

A closer look at the initial washes all scribbly and casual - yeah!

Second pass with pastels, trying to lose some edges.  I am putting the darkest values underneath each area so when I 'turn on the lights' in the next pass these darker values will show through.

Final painting, I think....still studying this. There may be too much energy in the foreground which competes with my intended center of interest, the vine maple in it's fall colors.  Amazing how strong that ghost tree in the background turned out to be, may need to darken it and make it less straight.  This painting just won an honorable mention at the Sequim Arts annual juried show...not too bad, I get to buy more art supplies!
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